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I started DCinbox in 2009 when I was a graduate student at NYU. This project collects, archives, and makes publicly available every official e-newsletter sent by sitting members of the US Congress. 

Along the way I've had assistance from numerous research assistants including: Sumeet GajriAntonino GancitanoNick MonzilloKirsten MeidlingerStephen McArdleAli Hameed, Laina Emmons, and Aidan Fischer. The project has also benefited from volunteered help from Dave BourSimon Willison, and Runxin Gao.

These communications are crafted and sent by nearly every member of Congress, yet until 2009 there was no comprehensive set to use in research. This database is updated in real time, as members of Congress send constituent messages, and provides researchers with a systematic set of texts to examine the strategic choices that legislators and their staff make in crafting the content. Today, there are nearly 140,000 unique e-newsletters.

If you are a researcher interested in these data please see the full dataset and explore away! If you want to use this data for publication purposes, let me know!  If you ever have questions along the way, please feel free to email me at


On Twitter, you can also check out @dcinbox to see where this research is headed.

This project is continually a work in progress. If ever you have an idea or a need for any of the communications data please feel free to contact me and I'll get things to you as soon as possible.

These data have been used to explore:

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